Learning Objective 1:
Become familiar with interpreting and reviewing the results

Once you complete all your data collection, the app will generate and email you the Community Nutrition Report Card! The pdf document can be downloaded and printed. At this point, call a meeting to gather all interested stakeholders in reviewing the report. Prior to this meeting, ask each stakeholder to review the report individually. As they read, each stakeholder should note the difference between what is interesting and what is important within the findings and suggested recommendations (save any notes for the next step in the process Module 4: Highlighting Key Findings/Recommendations).

The report shows how your community did on each indicator compared to the benchmark:

Colour What it means
Green Met the benchmark.
Yellow Somewhat met the benchmark.
Red Did not meet the benchmark at all.

Reviewing the report together is key to ensuring that the report represents the data collected and that nothing looks inaccurate. You will have the option to go back if there are errors noted, then fix errors, and print a revised Community Nutrition Report Card.

As part of the report, you will get suggested recommendations, success stories and resources to help your community work on indicators where indicators were scored a yellow or red.