How do the perspectives of policy influencers and the public translate into healthy public policy?

The aim of the Chronic Disease Prevention Survey is to understand the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of the general public and policy influencers (e.g., government, school boards, large businesses, media) on policy topics relevant to the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases (physical activity, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, substance use, and mental health). Understanding perceptions of cancer and chronic diseases and their level of support for policies to address prevention can help with evidence-based decision-making.

The 9th iteration of the Chronic Disease Prevention Survey was conducted in early 2021 across Alberta and Manitoba. The target population for the public survey was community-dwelling adults (aged 18 years or older). Approximately 1600 people from the general public and 100 – 200 policy influencers were surveyed in each province. In the past, the data have been used to create issue briefs, infographics, press releases, and academic papers.

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