Alberta is experiencing a chronic disease epidemic, which is seriously affecting our physical, mental, and economic health, and the future sustainability of our healthcare system.

We are spending more than ever on acute health care – and the majority of this money is spent on treating and managing diseases that are largely preventable.

Alberta is not investing enough in preventing disease and promoting health – funding for prevention is only about 3% of the total budget spent on health. New, long-term, and sustainable investments in prevention are needed to transform the health and quality of life for all Albertans.

We Advocate for:

To promote new, long-term investments in prevention, the APCCP supports the development of a Wellness Foundation dedicated to preventing disease and promoting health. A foundation that is well-financed, sustainable, and independent of the health care system will improve our quality of life and reduce the burden of chronic disease and injury on our families, communities and our healthcare system.

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