Through the POWER UP! project, we are telling stories of healthy policy change happening in jurisdictions and organizations across Canada and the world. Check out our policy story topics below:

Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Stories highlighting efforts to implement a tax on sugar-sweetened bevereges in various cities across the globe.

Municipal Food and Beverage Policy

This policy story explores the adoption and implementation of the City of Hamilton’s Corporate Food and Beverage Policy.

Municipal Zoning

This policy story explores the City of Toronto’s development of the Residential Apartment Commercial Zone policy, its implications for health, and lessons learned in the policy change process.

Healthy School Food Policy

This story highlights the origins, successes, and challenges of Moose Kerr School’s No Junk Food Policy.

Nutrition Policy and Menu Labelling

This story explores The Region of Peel’s Nutrition Policy and Menu Labelling Initiative to encourage healthy eating choices for staff and visitors. The story examines how the policies were developed and shares lessons learned throughout the process.

Physical Activity in Schools

Stories exploring the promotion of physical activity among students and teachers.

Promoting Healthy Food Environments in Recreational Facilities

Stories highlighting efforts to promote healthy food environments in recreational facilities across Canada.

Healthy Sporting Events

This story explores the adoption and implementation of the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association’s Provincial Championships Nutrition Policy and shares key lessons learned throughout the change process.