We are working to create active living environments where it is easy for children and adults in Alberta to integrate physical activity into their day.

We advocate for:

Workplaces are where many adults spend the majority of their waking hours. Environments that are supportive of active living can create opportunities for employees to easily integrate physical activity into their workday and reduce sedentary behaviour.

Workplace policies that promote active living environments, such as policies that promote physical activity breaks or increase access to fitness amenities, can help to enhance the well-being of employees and contribute to reduced illness costs (lost time, decreased productivity) felt by employers.

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Municipal bylaws, land use guidelines, and design standards all play a role in making it easier to be active in our communities. The walkability of your neighbourhood, access to green space, and active transportation options are examples of how community design and zoning policies can either enhance or restrict opportunities to be physically active.

While most municipal policies are intended to maintain the health, safety, and wellness of residents, sometimes they can have unintended consequences. For example, some traffic bylaws may prevent children from playing informal games of road hockey on residential streets, or act as barriers to skateboarding or cycling.

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